Environmental Assessment

ESIA (Environmental & Social Impact Assessment)

IQS International Limited offers Environmental & Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), evaluating potential impacts of projects on environment and society, facilitating informed decision-making and sustainable development practices for clients.

EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)

IQS International Limited specializes in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), evaluating project effects on the environment, ensuring compliance, and fostering sustainable development practices for clients globally.

EMP (Environmental Management plan)

IQS International Limited develops Environmental Management Plans (EMPs), outlining strategies to mitigate project impacts, ensure regulatory compliance, and promote sustainable practices for environmental protection and stakeholder satisfaction.

SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment)

IQS International Limited provides Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs), evaluating policies, plans, and programs’ potential environmental impacts, enabling informed decision-making for sustainable development and regulatory compliance.

Environmental Parameters Testing

IQS International Limited conducts Environmental Parameters Testing, analyzing air, water, soil, and noise to assess environmental quality, ensure regulatory compliance, and support sustainable practices for clients worldwide.
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