KNF thriving on unrest in region

Kuki-Chin has a strong influence in these areas. In Chin state, the National Defence Force [NDF] is fighting against the Myanmar government. Most of the NDF members are Kuki-Chin. Many Kukis have also gone to Mizoram from here. Unrest has been created there over this issue also,” he told The Daily Star.

The former army official, who once served in the Chattogram Hill Tracts area, said, “In Manipur, we see serious clashes between the Meitei and the Kuki. The movement and activities of the Kuki-Chin on the other side of the border led to the creation and activation of KNF here.”

He said the Chattogram Hill Tracts region is almost becoming a major drug route.

Drugs emerge at the scene of any armed unrest, he said, adding that narcotics trade is basically a means to earn money to procure arms.

He said KNF gets arms and support from the entire region. “They [Kuki-Chin] are now demanding autonomy for a large area in Bandarban. However, they are yet to mention the Kuki-Chin controlled areas on the other side of the border in this connection.”

The distance between Ruma, Thanchi and Alikadam is not insignificant. The recent attacks in these three upazilas within a short span of time indicates that KNF members divided themselves into several groups and carried out the attacks in a well-planned manner. Their show of strength indicates that they want to “turn the area into a battlefield”, he observed.

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